Frequently Asked Question

Check out our FAQ section to find answers to all your questions and know more about Milvik

What is MILVIK My Doctor?

MILVIK My Doctor is a telemedicine-only product. It focuses on the direct delivery of medical care from MILVIK doctors to patients in a remote setting. Its can be avail from anywhere and anytime by its user.

What are the key features of MILVIK My Doctor?

The key features include 24/7 doctor consultation services (audio and video) from Milvik General physician, on demand Specialist doctors care (appointment basis), discount facility at Milvik partner hospitals and diagnostic centers, on demand medicine delivery and free sample collection.

Which specialist care is available under MILVIK My Doctor?

4 types of specialists are available now,

  • Gynaecologist
  • Paediatrician
  • Nutritionist
  • Psychologist

Who can register for MILVIK My Doctor?

Any Bangladeshi individual, aged a minimum of 18 years and above at the time of registration.

What are the mHealth services offered by MILVIK?

MILVIK mHealth services include 24/7 tele-doctor services, SMS-prescription and digital prescription through Health+ app, On-demand medicine home delivery and home sample collection for diagnostic test.

What is an ‘Insured Relative’ and who can be insured relatives?

Insured relatives are your family members who can be share the benefits of MILVIK My Doctor  services with you. You can add any relative under shared cover as specified in the plan details.

Is there any age limit for covered members?

The age range for any adults to be covered is 18 years and above. Children will be covered from birth onwards

From when can I avail the benefits for MILVIK My Doctor?

Customer can avail services right after the payment.

What is the coverage limit for Milvik My Doctor?

  • 24/7 unlimited doctor consultation will be available only for customers and covered members.
  • Eligible covered members count as per the plan variants,
  1. Single Silver: 1 person
  2. Joint Silver: 2 persons
  3. Family Silver: 4 persons

From when can I avail the benefits for MILVIK My Doctor?

MILVIK has in-house qualified doctors who are available 24/7. Only the subscribers of MILVIK My Doctor and their insured relatives can avail the tele-doctor service

How do I talk to MILVIK doctor?

To talk to our tele-doctor please click on “Book Doctor Consultation” button from the MILVIK Health+ App home screen and submit request. Alternatively, you can call our helpline number 09610500599. Our customer service officer will book an appointment and a doctor will call you back shortly and provide you with the consultation.

What happens if tele-doctor cannot solve my problem?

Tele-doctor service, by nature, can solve only primary health issues. For critical problems you will be referred to specialist doctors or hospitals. For emergency cases, please visit hospital instead of taking consultation over phone.

What is medical test discount?

MILVIK has a network of 500+ partner hospitals across the country where MILVIK customers can get 10%-50% discount on the selected services i.e. pathology, radiology, hospitalization etc.

How to get medical test discount?

When you do any test at MILVIK partner hospital, go to “Discounts for MILVIK Customers” section from the Home screen of MILVIK Health+ app and generate discount code from the hospital of your choice. Show the app screen containing the discount code at the hospital or diagnostic center billing counter. Alternatively, you can also show the membership card or subscription/monthly coverage SMS at the billing counter to proof your MILVIK membership, before they prepare the bill.

What are the payment frequencies available for MILVIK My Doctor ?

MILVIK My Doctor will be available for annual benefits with annual and 180 days payment options both with recurring payments allowing auto-renewal with bKash and one-time payments with Nagad, Rocket, Upay and debit and credit cards.

How can I pay for my plan?

After registration, when you “agree” for bKash or credit or debit card subscription payment, you are authorizing deduction of the service charge amount from your bKash wallet/credit or debit card on a 180 days or yearly frequency as chosen during registration.

When is service charge deducted?

The first service charge is deducted right after the payment authorization in bKash payment or gateway/card payment gateway after registration. Following that,

  • For 180 days, the subsequent service charges will be deducted every 180 days.

For Yearly, the subsequent service charges will be deducted on the same day every year.

What happens if I don’t have enough balance during deduction?

bKash Payment:

  • For 180 days and 12 months/yearly recurring plans, the service charge will be deducted after 180 days and 12 months respectively from the first confirmation date. In case of failure to pay on the first attempt, 5 more attempts will be made every 5 days until the payment is successful. (6 attempts in total).


*For all the recurring plans with bkash, after all the scheduled payment attempts have failed, a One-Time payment link will be generated and sent to the customer through SMS and in-app notification, so that customers can make the payment for that billing cycle. Customers can also get the link by calling to MILVIK the customer care number.

What happens if I cannot make any payment in a payment cycle/period?

If all the payment attempts are unsuccessful in a given payment cycle/period, you will not have any coverage for the next cycle/period.

Is there any way to pay for the missed payments for recurring payment plans?

After all the scheduled payment attempts have failed for a recurring payment plan, a One-Time payment link will be generated and sent to the customer through SMS and in-app notification, so that customers can make the payment for that billing month. Customers can also get the link by calling to MILVIK Helpline number 09610500599. For recurring plans, the one-time payment link will be valid for 30 days.

How to pay for One-time plans?

For one-time payment plans for 180 days, and 12 months/yearly, customers will receive a link to make payment using their chosen wallet i.e. debit/credit card, Nagad, Rocket and Upay. Once the payment is confirmed by the customer, the payment will be charged immediately from the associated card or wallet.

How to renew One-time plans after tenure is over?

For one-time payment plans, the renewal window will commence at specific intervals depending on the chosen plan.

  • 30 days before current coverage period ends for 180 days plans.
  • 45 days before current coverage period ends for yearly plans.

To enjoy continuous coverage, a customer has to renew his 6 months or 12 months payment plan before the current coverage ends.